Claimsure specialises in providing solutions for Healthcare Facilities and Consultants. Our service teams utilising our software technologies work to achieve revenue and cash collection targets on a sustained basis.

Hospital Managed Service

Some of our customers wish to engage in a managed service to assist with the Private Insurance Revenue process. The key deliverables from any managed service is to utilise the technology to best drive cash collection and bring efficiency to a complex process.

Our Hospital teams have a wealth of experience and have been providing this service to facilities since 2010. 

Consultant Billing Service

Our Consultant Billing service is conducted through our Billsure platform, which is directly linked to the hospital PAS and Claimsure Systems enabling you to carry out the following services and benefits:

  • Rapid Invoice Generation
  • Side 2 Claim Form Completion
  • Manage Charges
  • Invoice Status & Payment Updates
  • Receipts
  • Consultant Group Management
  • Insurer Registration

The key deliverables from our Consultant Billing service is reduce administration burden to allow Consultants to spend more time on patient care.

Our dedicated team provide clients with a bespoke solution for claim completion and full revenue cycle management from discharge to payment.

  • “I currently am using Consultant Professional Services. This has been a very good decision on my behalf. There has been a significant improvement in the amount of time I spend on processing my claims and invoices – this is now all done electronically. I deal with one person on site who is extremely helpful – all my claims are dealt with very rapidly now. As a result, I have been receiving payments much quicker – this occurs at a very reasonable fee. I would have no hesitation in strongly recommending the service to any of my colleagues.”

    Dr Barry O'Shea, MB, MRCPI, Consultant Rheumatlogogist, St. James' Hospital

  • “Every hospital in Ireland is facing challenges in the management of decreased budgets. Through the simple implementation of Claimsure we have increased our revenue which has had and continues to have a direct impact on essential services. It is our patients who ultimately benefit from us using Claimsure.

    In addition to the financial benefits, Claimsure has brought huge administration benefits to the hospital, consultants and administration staff, saving both time and money, allowing more time on patient care. The rollout of Claimsure in Tallaght hospital was delivered on time and with minimal disruption and change management to hospital processes.”

    Dermot Carter, Director of Finance, Tallaght Hospital

Claimsure Consultant Services